Tortaria Restaurant NYC

An example of our excellence can be seen at the new Mexican style restaurant, Tortaria, located at University Place and 12th Street.  Sign Expo’s professional designers and craftsmen completed signage for both the exterior and interior of the restaurant.  We used
a combination of fabricated materials and hand painted signs to create the “old
is new” theme for this causal restaurant joint. The above images demonstrate how we take your innovative ideas and set your business apart from the others.
The exterior construction was renovated to resemble a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, painted coarsely and covered in cheap aluminum sheeting.  To complement the theme, we hand-painted Tortaria using silver tinted paint so that it still catches the eye under the gooseneck light fixtures.
The second image is Tortaria’s flashy theater-esque menu board.  The
menu consists of LED light boxes to create backlighting.  Interchangeable panels in different colors list the menu items.  Along the painted steel border is an irregular arrangement of different incandescent light bulbs.  Overall, the worn out appearance
and mismatched materials looks as if the menu is a forgotten remnant of old New
The next two images in the second row displays the high quality vinyl prints we produce at Sign Expo.  The script font used for Tortaria is meant to imitate a handwritten style to the walls of the restaurant.  This further emphasizes the casual and personal environment.
Along the counter hang wooden plaques suspended from chains.  These faded wooden boards are directional signage indicating where to order and pick-up.  We treated these boards to appear worn then hand painted the words.
Throughout the restaurant digital prints are adhered to the rough cement block walls.  These prints are vinyl stickers, finished to look cheap pin-ups from vintage magazines.
In the restrooms are more of these prints, overlapping one another to create a collage.