Light Box Signs Provide High Impact

light box sign by Sign Expo NYCTo manufacture quality high impact commercial light fixtures careful consideration must be given to performance, durability and form. The Sign Expo NYC reputation and commitment to excellence will provide lighting solutions that will meet your commercial lighting expectations.

Light Box Signs by Sign Expo NYC Provide High Impact

light box sign by Sign Expo NYCLight Box sings illuminate your message with either indoor or outdoor
format. Your brand, marketing message and graphics will stand out and catch the eye of your intended audience.
A wide variety of special light fixtures are created for usage. Surface-mounted light as in: Chandelier, Pendant light Sconce, and Track lighting fixture. Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting — used to illuminate walkways, building exteriors and architectural details. Light fixtures may also have other features, such as reflectors for directing the light and/ or a switch to control the light.
With an abundance of diverse products, Sign Expo NYC can deliver interior and exterior commercial lighting fixtures for your next project.