Fun Sidewalk Partitions

Yammy ThaiSidewalk partitions are a fun, cost effective way to expand your seating space outside. As the warmer weather approaches, more and more of your customers want to enjoy their lunches, brunch’s, dinners and drinks outside under the sun with friends. Our sidewalk partitions provide just that!! Sign Expo NYC can help you achieve that custom look and feel that you want while expanding your brand. By using the best materials – a strong steel frame and silk screen canvas – we ensure long lasting quality results that will be sure to amaze while continuously attracting new patrons and maintaining your current ones.

Sidewalk partitions provide an area away from foot traffic for your diners to enjoy a combination of food and the great outdoors. Your diners will be thrilled to be able to appreciate gorgeous weather and eat! Our custom partitions are a vibrant way to show off your brand and keep your patrons happy, relaxed and returning to your establishment for many years to come. Sign Expo NYC will assist you by bringing your brand logo and ideas to life!
Sign Expo NYC is a family owned business with over twenty years of combined experience and professionalism that will shine through in the quality of our work. We have an extensive and expanding list of satisfied clients that return to us throughout the years as a testament to the pride we take in our workmanship and products. Our designers will ensure that your finished product is not only good, but that we have gone beyond your expectations to provide the quality you expect.
Our prices are competitive and we are ready to provide you with a quote so we can get started on your new partitions!
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