Need signage for an occasion?

Posted By on Nov 18, 2013

Having an event or a special occasion that needs visual graphics. At Sign Expo we do alot more than the average sign company. Everything we manufacture is in-house, and custom made to the clients concept. We’ve taken little projects to big projects and completed them in time for the occasion. From designing to development of a business store front, to center pieces for a teens bar mitzvah, here at Sign Expo we take all projects that...

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Vestibule Season

Posted By on Nov 13, 2013

Summer has ended and is long gone. No more hot, humid, sidewalk packed streets days. Nowadays, you see outside eating areas that were once filled with grubbing customers, now vacant. Need a solution to the cold gusts of winds that comes in every time the front doors open, or turn your outside eating space to extra indoor area. The benefits of having a vestibule is endless. Not only is good for enclosing outside areas, It provides...

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Decorative Vinyl Decals

Posted By on Apr 5, 2013

This vinyl decal scene, displayed in Thalia’s window, demonstrates an effective advertising method. Using a tasteful playfulness the restaurant showcases their popular menu choices.  In order to attract pedestrians to view the menu the words are surrounded by a restaurant theme in silhouette.  Window display themes are always successful promotional tools, especially with summer around the corner. Sign Expo was able to assist...

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Recently completed at Sign Expo are the series of signage for PROJECT’s winter event at the Javitz Center.  Here, our customer had an enchanting winter theme consisting of bright snowy birch forest and contrasting black display boards within the space.  Sign Expo’s quality printers and media are able to capture the beautifully vivid life-like landscape.  Through banner backdrops and window decals this enchanting recreation was...

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Let Sign Expo Create For You

Posted By on Dec 5, 2012

For two decades running our professional custom design sign company has strived to create unique signage for all needs.  Our extensive portfolio spans throughout the metropolitan area designing inspirational signage for flourish and flare in advertising.  We have created signage both big and small for the creative mind desiring to flaunt or simply enlighten consumers.  Please view our main page where you can navigate...

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Custom Banners Promote Success

Posted By on Sep 10, 2012

Banners are great products to use as backdrops, displays, promotional tools, decorative prints, and more.  Apart from their inexpensive price banners have endless options in both material styles and practical use.  At Sign Expo we manufacture customized banners as well as banner accessories needed for display and mounting. Our most popular banner with a custom stand is the “Step and Repeat” banner.  This backdrop banner has a matte...

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