Let Sign Expo Create For You

Posted By on Dec 5, 2012

For two decades running our professional custom design sign company has strived to create unique signage for all needs.  Our extensive portfolio spans throughout the metropolitan area designing inspirational signage for flourish and flare in advertising.  We have created signage both big and small for the creative mind desiring to flaunt or simply enlighten consumers.  Please view our main page signexponyc.com where you can navigate...

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Brinkley’s Signage

Posted By on Oct 3, 2012

At Sign Expo we specialize in all ranges of custom signs.  One of our multifaceted signage avenues is the restaurant and bar theme.  For over 20 years we have custom redesigned and maintained hundreds of restaurants throughout the metropolitan area alone. Here we see a selection of signage made for Brinkley’s Station in NYC.  Working clockwise, first we have a double sided light box projecting from an interior wall.  Next we have an...

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An excellent example of the perfection we strive for is the lettering and logo created for Bravo TV. To the left are pin mounted 3D letters covered with Plexiglas giving it the rich, glossy, finish.  To the right is a black 3D light box with raised illuminated pale blue lettering. This stark contrast between the two colors creates a dramatic effect for the well known cable network.  At Sign Expo we ensure all our customers receive...

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Channel Letter Styles

Posted By on Apr 3, 2012

Channel letters are an elegant solution that is flexible with your creative designs.  The style is either standard or reverse with endless options for lighting and mounting. Lighting options range from halo (reverse) lit, neon, LED, and light bulbs.  These letters can be mounted to a raceway or directly on the wall depending on building requirements and city ordinances.  It is important that you check your local regulations as this...

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