Need signage for an occasion?

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Having an event or a special occasion that needs visual graphics.
At Sign Expo we do alot more than the average sign company.
Everything we manufacture is in-house, and custom made to the clients concept.
We’ve taken little projects to big projects and completed them in time for the occasion.
From designing to development of a business store front, to center pieces for a teens bar mitzvah, here at Sign Expo we take all projects that is in need of images with results that will impress your guests.

Vestibule Season

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Summer has ended and is long gone.
No more hot, humid, sidewalk packed streets days.
Nowadays, you see outside eating areas that were once filled with grubbing customers, now vacant.
Need a solution to the cold gusts of winds that comes in every time the front doors open, or turn your outside eating space to extra indoor area.
The benefits of having a vestibule is endless. Not only is good for enclosing outside areas, It provides shelter and keeps customers safe from cold weather.
Besides that, the vestibule is durable through the harsh seasonal weather. Also the material we use to manufacture them is long-lasting and affordable.
We can design and install custom vestibules and enclosures to fit any type of frontage, or exit area to provide protection for your customers and your building.
Don’t suffer anymore through the winter, contact us for a better solution.

You CAN Rush Perfection!!!

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To help Food Network celebrate 20 year milestone during the New York Wine and Food Festival. We created custom signage for the event, displaying the names of some their top shows. With a very short turn around time we were able to give our client exactly what they wanted.
We are not your typical sign company. At Sign Expo we understand that you need your signs and banners quickly and our turnaround times reflect that. Sign Expo offers you excellence in service, design and signage. We take each opportunity we have to make your business or personal event spectacular.

Custom Projects

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Have an idea in mind but never seen it done before? Want to stand out from the others? Maybe add a little uniqueness to your business. Well here at Event Signage all of our work is custom work. Meaning what ever you have in mind, we can manufacture your design. Like our most recent project, we created eating booths with canopies for outdoor dining for a client who owns a restaurant of the pier.

Don’t know what you want? No worries, we’ll help you come up with concepts on what to do for signage. Come into our shop, look at our samples, or sit down with one of our designers.

Immense 3D Channel Letters

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Immense 3D Channel Letters

A typical channel letters is a custom fabricated 3D letter made from aluminium and has a channel in which a light source is placed to light up the letter. These letters are typically illuminated with LED’s or Neon, LED’s being more popular since they consume a fraction of the power and are more cost effective to maintain. Channel letters are by far the most highly visible and the most versatile and have the greatest visual impact Day or Night.

Fabricated metal letters are formed and welded to create 3D sign letters. Sign Expo located in Midtown, NYC can design and apply fabricated lettering and graphics to any commercial or retail store front or building. Fabricated metal letters are availabel in Silver or Gold finish using Brass, Bronze, Aluminum and Steel. Fabricated 3D Letters can also be painted in any color including custom color matching.
We work with our customers to understand their vision to custom design Channel Letters.

Decorative Vinyl Decals

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This vinyl decal scene, displayed in Thalia’s window, demonstrates an effective advertising method. Using a tasteful playfulness the restaurant showcases their popular menu choices.  In order to attract pedestrians to view the menu the words are surrounded by a restaurant theme in silhouette.  Window display themes are always successful promotional tools, especially with summer around the corner.
Sign Expo was able to assist Thalia in creating their beautiful and colorful vinyl decal window display. If you have a creative design you wish to use for your business please contact one of our designers today.

Harley Davidson Channel Letters

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Harley Davidson Channel Letters

Sign Expo NYC has both professional designers and state of the art technology to handle the reproduction of chain store signage. Here we have LED illuminated channel letters and logo for the brand Harley Davidson in their designated Pantone color scheme.

Inefficiency to keep consistent visuals hinders a company’s ability to grow.  Therefore, Sign Expo prides itself on honoring our client’s integrity by replicating their logos for storefront signs, banners, menus, and posters to name a few.  We pride ourselves in following through with our customers’ demands for effective signs.  These customers have trusted our staff with replicating their brand for multiple locations nationwide.  Such customers include Baked By Melissa, Subway, and Europa cafe.

Thinking of Sidewalk Partitions… and Summer Days

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As snowflakes fall and we dream of warmer days it is time already to consider the summer theme.  As soon as spring arrives local residents will find any excuse to get outside and away from the winter blues.  Sidewalk partitions are perfect outdoor dividers to create an oasis for your patrons looking to enjoy the change of seasons.  We construct these dividers from sturdy steel that withstand weather conditions and pedestrian traffic.  The sidewalk partition displays your logo, storefront theme, and creates a relaxing atmosphere for your customers.

High Resolution Digital Prints & Signs For Javitz Event

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Recently completed at Sign Expo are the series of signage for PROJECT’s winter event at the Javitz Center.  Here, our customer had an enchanting winter theme consisting of bright snowy birch forest and contrasting black display boards within the space.  Sign Expo’s quality printers and media are able to capture the beautifully vivid life-like landscape.  Through banner backdrops and window decals this enchanting recreation was possible.  The display boards and directories are made of a sturdy board and custom made base to handle indoor crowds.  All these signs are reinforced with a protective finishing so hands on viewers can explore without destroying the images.  Our professional installers were able to quickly and efficiently install various freestanding installations, banners, and large format decals in a timely manner that met PROJECTS’s demand and satisfaction.

Freestanding Light box Menu:

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Freestanding Light box Menu:

Light boxes are far more than ornate picture frames in the sign industry.  This custom made menu showcase illuminates the menu for easy-read when its environment is dim.  Light boxes are great for showcasing menus which gives your product a striking appeal that lures the hungry eyes.  Nothing is better than a product that is practical as well as elegant.