Mexicue Store Front Light Boxes

Mexicue is the hot new cuisine in NYC, a fusion of Mexican and BBQ, using local produce.  Here, we have created their storefront signs for their grand opening on 7th Avenue in the Flatiron district.  We created our signs to parallel with their cozy interior.  Extending the entire length of the storefront is a burnt orange light box with the restaurant’s name digitally printed on translucent vinyl.  Likewise, a light box using the warm orange and yellow colors of their logo projects from the storefront to capture the pedestrian’s eye.  This projecting logo is the modern equivalent to the mom-and-pop storefront swing sign.  In the second story window we display a neon sign of their logo which attracts pedestrians and drivers from afar.  The choice of the neon sign alongside the light boxes adheres to Mexicue’s “a little of the old little of the new” casual style.