Immense 3D Channel Letters

A typical channel letters is a custom fabricated 3D letter made from aluminium and has a channel in which a light source is placed to light up the letter. These letters are typically illuminated with LED’s or Neon, LED’s being more popular since they consume a fraction of the power and are more cost effective to maintain. Channel letters are by far the most highly visible and the most versatile and have the greatest visual impact Day or Night.

Fabricated metal letters are formed and welded to create 3D sign letters. Sign Expo located in Midtown, NYC can design and apply fabricated lettering and graphics to any commercial or retail store front or building. Fabricated metal letters are availabel in Silver or Gold finish using Brass, Bronze, Aluminum and Steel. Fabricated 3D Letters can also be painted in any color including custom color matching.
We work with our customers to understand their vision to custom design Channel Letters.