Custom Banners Promote Success

Baked By Melissa banner ad in NYC

Banners are great products to use as backdrops, displays, promotional tools, decorative prints, and more.  Apart from their inexpensive price banners have endless options in both material styles and practical use.  At Sign Expo we manufacture customized banners as well as banner accessories needed for display and mounting.
Our most popular banner with a custom stand is the “Step and Repeat” banner.  This backdrop banner has a matte finish to display your brand name or logo in a repeated pattern.  The “Step and Repeat” banner is an essential piece to promotional events, tradeshows, conferences, and photo shoots.
All of our banners are printed on high quality fabrics such as canvas, mesh, and vinyl.  The canvas banner has a matte finish which has an elegant appearance similar to an oil painting.  Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor situations because the fine netting material allows wind to dissolve through without stressing the surface.  As a result, mesh banners are durable for a long time.  Our vinyl banners are cost effective and still maintain a high quality print for any environment.
We create all our banners in-house so that we can configure your banner with hardware to make installation easy.  Our endless options for customizing size and material can be overwhelming.  So if you are unsure of where to start, no worries, our knowledgeable designers will help you create an amazing banner for your space.