Trendy New Light Boxes

Trendy, cool, new and in the nightlife! No, we are not talking about your teenagers new friends; it’s your light box!  Well, what is a light box?  Light boxTonic-Menu-Light-Box-copyes are a cool way to provide glow and visibility for night life displays, interior décor, or whatever suits your needs!  Light Boxes represent a different means to bring your logo and brand to life with a 3D feeling.  Your logo can be embossed upon the material of your choice, giving it the feel of something completely unique and standout to your business. The back lighting gives the glow necessary to attract attention day and night!

Light boxes can be used and placed in many different ways to bring attention to whatever aspect of your business you need to highlight.  You have an awning and a sign outside, but what about that area around the bar? Or your main wall inside the establishment?  A certain collection of items that you may want to bring extra attention to? This is where your light box will shine! They are excellent displays for their elegance while using little energy.  Your brand and logo will jump out at clients in a fun exciting way that will leave an unforgettable impression, bringing them back for more and more! Another added benefit is that these LED light boxes are long lasting and require no follow up maintenance repair!
Seems pretty simple, putting a light behind your logo, right? Wrong! Let Sign Expo NYC get you that professional, tailored custom look that your business needs.  We are fully experienced in manufacturing light boxes from wood, metal, or plastics for either a modern sleek style or retro design.  Our combined expertise and professionalism will guarantee that your product is quality, long lasting and most importantly – done to your standards! Our prices are competitive and we are ready to provide you with a quote so we can get started on your new light box! Contact us today at 212-246-3355!