Special Events Signage

New York City and New Jersey are the central hubs for all of the country’s biggest events and shows.  We host everything from the Jacob Javitz International Car Show, the New Yorker Festival, the Big Greek Festival and the West Indian Labor Day Parade just to name a few.  All of these special events need custom signage within a specific time frame, and this is where Expo Sign comes into play.  We have the expertise to produce every type of signage necessary for these big events, along with the manpower to get it built, installed and functioning properly before your show starts!

As the event coordinator, we know that your job entails everything from setup and coordination to menial administrative or labor task.  Let ExpoSign alleviate you of one of those tasks by preparing all of the visual media needed for your special events.  Our experience plus your ideas equal the exact signage that you need, done in your time frame and at a competitive price!

As a family owned business with over 60 years combined experience, we are the premier sign company in NYC.  We manufacture all of our products in house which allows us seamless interaction with our customers and less room for mistakes and errors.  Let us to bring your special events signage to life – you won’t regret it!