Roy Nachum in NYC

No matter how unique the project is, our trained staff can produce your ideas in a variety of materials.  We pride ourselves in highly quality labor that enables us to promote your most inspiring and visionary ambitions.  Clients such as the celebrated Roy Nachum entrust our staff to produce his creative pieces for his “Blind” exhibit at Open House Gallery in NYC.  Above are examples of the work we produced for his exhibit.  On the left are sculptures of gorilla heads produced from a plaster cast and adorned with gold mirror crowns.  To the right is a picture of a walk-in cube we constructed for the exhibit.  The exterior of the cube is covered in gold mirror panels with incandescent light bulbs forming a message in Braille.  Within the non lighted interior are channel letters, a recreation for those with vision to experience their environment using touch.  Projects such as “Blind” are evident that our clients trust our 20 years of experience to fabricate their designs.  It is our job to assist you in constructing your ideas, giving your exhibit the spotlight.