Social Distancing Dividers

Acrylic Protective Barriers

when droplets projected from sneezing, coughing or breathing is one of the main ways you could potentially get infected. Sneeze guards and Acrylic dividers can help act as an extra barrier of protection.

 Acrylic barriers you’re seeing at banks, grocery stores and other essential businesses shows your customer’s that they are protected and also protects workers.

as more businesses think about what re-opening looks like and how returning to an office setting will be different, there are larger sneeze guards that you can buy too for different aspects of life.

At SignExpoNYC we design Sneeze guard for Businesses, Office, Restaurants, Bars, salons, gyms and more.

You can order any protective material custom made for your business needs. we at SignExpoNYC use high quality material as Acrylic which his clarity and thickness will provide not just the protection needs but also designed to look good.

SignExpoNYC designer’s will help in determined what are your business needs and look. We at SignExpoNYC manufactured using high technology machinery to get you the best quality quickly. our installation team will complete the process.  we will walk you through the whole process to best meet your business needs.




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