New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion week is here! During this marvelous week in February, we get a first hand glimpse into everything fashion – new clothes, trends, looks, models, designers and more! New York Fashion Week, which is held in February and September every year, is a semi-annual week long series of events when worldwide fashion collections are shown to us lucky fashionistas, the general public and other designers. We love fashion week! At Expo Sign, fashion week gives us a chance to showcase some of our best work! During this time we get an influx of harried designers, managers and event planners that need us to replicate their beautiful fashions and ideas onto some form of visual media. We step in and create beautiful banners, flags, light boxes, 3D letters, digital prints and digital wallpapers in the time frame needed! Expo Sign understands that Fashion Week is hectic and chaotic; we can ease your stress by creating the perfect imagery needed to boost your brand! Our lightning fast turnaround time and easy process will ensure that you get your Fashion Week project done with time to spare!106_0629_r2
We have the simplest process – email us your idea, we will send you a complimentary quote, and upon approval we will begin construction – it is that easy! We manufacture all of our products in house – all of our machinery is onsite in the office – which eliminates errors, decreases production time and allows us to communicate with you more effectively in regards to the process. Expo Sign is a family owned business with over sixty years of experience and expertise that will shine through with the quality of our work. We have a long and extensive list of happy clients that come back to us with referrals and more business as a testament to our craftsmanship and products. Our designers will ensure that your finished product is not only good, but that we have gone beyond your expectations to provide the amazing product that you expected!

Our prices are competitive and we are ready to provide you with a fast free quote so we can get started on your new custom bar sign! Contact us today at 212-246-3355!