Custom Channel Letters

Channel letters really help your business logo to stand out amongst other businesses and attract new clients!  Why not get yourself set up with custom channel letters from Expo Sign? There are many different types of customized channel letters to choose from and we manufacture all of them! We can create your standard channel letter – a 3D graphic sign element made from aluminum and cut with a computer controlled router, exposed neon channel letters – which is a standard channel letter with neon inside the lettering, or reverse lit channel letters – which creates a cool ‘halo’ effect on each of the letters.  Whichever specific design suits you, we’ve got you covered!

Expo Sign has one of the fastest turnaround times, complimentary quotes, expert design ideas, and top of the line customer service! What are you waiting for? Expo Sign will help you create the custom channel letters you want specifically tailored to your business in record time and reasonably priced! We are a family owned and operated business with over 50 years combined experience sign making and manufacturing. We manufacture all of our products in house, all of our machinery is onsite in the office – which eliminates errors, increase production and allows us to communicate with you more effectively in regards to the process. Let us get started with your project today!